Which color contact lenses cause eye aging and disease?

That's why contact lenses need uv protection. Since it doesn't affect the wear of contact lenses, is it necessary to not have a uv protection function? Anyone who has ever played on the beach in the summer without wearing sunscreen as a child There intention be a bitter experience. Ultraviolet rays are harmful enough to burn your skin even after a few hours of intense sunlight.

Furthermore, our eyes, which are the only organs exposed outside the body, are not stronger than the skin. Dry eyes, keratoconjunctivitis, cataracts, decreased vision, and other side effects of ultraviolet light on the eyes. UVA accelerates the aging of the eyes and UVB causes various diseases.

If you are concerned about your eye fitness, you must use UV-blocking colored contact lenses.

As not all contact lenses on the market have uv protection Protect your eyes with a hat or sunglasses on sunny days. Also, please make sure that your sunglasses have uv protection

Colored contacts for UV-blocking Recommendation

UV-blocking contact lenses

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