In cases like the following, it is possible to exchange the products.

① You need a picture of the product that can prove the fault in the product.

② Return the faulty product to the company at a post office and give us the tracking number.

③ The returned product is thoroughly examined, and the manufacturing company will make a report of it. When the fault has been proved, we send you the lenses of the same type, color, and degree with the previously chosen ones.

* As the faulty lenses can be exchanged only with the ones of the same types, you cannot change the color/design of the lenses.

④ However, when there is no fault in the lenses you sent back, we cannot send you a new one.

If there is no picture, the item cannot be exchanged. Exchange is for any unopened products and will only be accepted if returned within 7 days of receipt.

After 7 days, we do not accept exchanges or returns.

Products are to be inspected immediately upon receipt.

All returns must be sealed without opening.

If there are any signs of use, the product cannot be exchanged.

Our warranty does not cover accidental damage or wear of the customer's product.

We cannot guarantee the product will not be damaged during shipment.

You cannot claim refunds or exchange in cases listed in the following:

① When the purchase was made by mistake (e.g., when the customer chose the wrong color/type of Toric lenses)

② In case of customer's changing mind (e.g., when the customer doesn't like the color/design/ size of the goods he/she purchased.) Please make careful considerations when making a purchase. However, when the customer received a faulty product, it is possible to exchange it. Faulty products are like the following:

① The lenses in the sealed container have been torn or broken.

② The lenses in the sealed container are in a strange shape.

③ The lenses in the sealed container have been expired. When you are suspicious of the faulty products, please contact the company

within 7 days from the reception.



To cancel your order before it has been shipped, please email us immediately at

In this case, the purchase will be refunded, except for the PayPal fee.

However, it is important to note that refunds for prescription products (custom-made products) or astigmatic lenses will be refunded except for a 30% administration fee.

If you cancel an order that has already been shipped, you can be issued a refund, but not in full.

We will refund the amount excluding the 30% administration fee and the shipping fee. A refund will be issued after we have received the product being returned.

Products must be packed and shipped correctly with a tracking number.

Please note that even if you ask for a refund due to an error in an address presented by the customer or an unavailable recipient during the delivery, the remaining amount will be refunded, excluding the 30% administration fee and shipping costs.