Applies only to US customers

Fantasy-icon observe the FCLCA (Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Law) that is applied only to US customers and we would like to show the simple prescription verification system.

Simple confirmation procedure

Please provide us with a copy(picture image or scanned) of your contact lens prescription.

How to upload a copy of prescription

Choose one from the following

  • After placing an order, upload in a order status page ("Thank You" page) -  most convenient way
  •  Send us a copy of prescription and order number via email.
  • Email :

    What do I do if I my prescription is expired or I do not have one?

    U.S. customers cannot purchase legally without a valid prescription.
    In order to purchase, please get a valid, up-to-date prescription from your ophthalmologist or easily get an online paid vision test.

    * We may cancel your order if you provide us with invalid or inaccurate prescription.