Preventive care for contact lenses!

Preventive care for colored contact lenses

1. Wash your hands thoroughly before use. Avoid using oil or lotion, as they may contaminate the contact lenses.

2. Use the right contact lens cleaning solution. Avoid using tap water or saline solution. Water alone does not help sterilize or clean the contact lenses.

3. Rub the contact lenses with your fingers and rinse them with a clean cleaning solution. This is the correct way to clean contact lenses. Place the contact lens on your palm and gently rub it with your fingertips. Avoid touching the lenses with your nails, as it may damage the surface or transfer bacteria.

4. Adhere to the expiration date of contact lenses. For disposable or lenses with a specified usage period, be sure to use them within the designated timeframe.

5. Keep the contact lens case clean. After washing the case, let it dry before use, and consider replacing it regularly even if well-maintained.

6. Stick to the recommended wearing time. While the standard wearing time for soft lenses is 8 hours a day, adjust it based on your eye's condition, and always remove them during sleep.

7. Storage of contact lenses Places with high humidity, such as bathrooms, are optimal breeding grounds for bacteria. Be cautious about where you store your lenses.

For the sake of healthy eyes, do not forget to follow the correct usage and care instructions.

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