(4 Lenses) Vivi Flow Ash Grey Colored Contacts - Monthly

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  • 1+1 Colored Contacts, 2 Box ( 4 Lenses)
  • The combination of natural ash grey and green Vividly colored
  • beautiful flower leaves with dot patterned graphics
  • Mysterious watercolor-like design
  • Natural Cosmetic Circle Lenses, 30 days
2 PAIRS (4 lenses) + Free Lens Case
Prescription 0.00 ~ -8.00
Life Span 1 Month
Diameter 14.0mm
Graphic Diameter 13.1mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Origin South Korea

 Vivi Flow Colored Contacts Detail - Brown and GreyVivi Flow Ash Grey Colored Contacts Animated GIF

  • (4 Lenses) Colored Contacts - Collections

    Vivi Flow Ash Grey Circle lens ModelVivi Flow Ash Grey Circle lens spec Vivi Flow Ash Grey Circle lens Detail(Review)Vivi Flow Ash Grey Review - Vivi Flow Colored Contacts

    I Contacts ( ICK )

    sandwich process

    We only use colors which have been approved by the US FDA in between the lens layers, so there is no loss or change in color. Our patent also allows for a comfortable fit.

    Comfortable fit

    We apply multiple curves in the front to make the lens thinner and our calculated edge curve allows for better fit to the curves of the cornea, which allows for better flow of tears and moist feeling.

    Clear sight

    3Curve edge multi aspheric design provides continues support for flow of tears and maintain a comfortable fit, as well as a clean and clear sight.

  • Life Span : 1months, 3months, 6months, 6~12months
  • If the Life Span is 6~12months, Life Span Recommended is 6 months. However, depending on how the contact lens is managed and preserved, it can be used for a year (12months) at maximum.
  • Soft Contact Lens
    Brand I Contacts ( ICK )

    ※ Please use contact lenses correctly to protect your eyes.


    1. International Speed airmail :

    Free shipping for every purchase over $75 regardless to the country.

    Regardless to the quantity and regions, $5~$8.5 are imposed per every order. This is the most reasonable method for getting the purchased product, the delivery may take more or less time according to the destination.

    Due to the influence of covid19, it was changed into non-contact delivery.

    2.EMS (Speed ​​Post) :

    The delivery fee ranges from US $18~ $28, This method is recommended for the customers who want to receive what they purchased as soon as possible. In case or purchasing more than 3 sets, we divide them and send it through airmail for the issues related to customs. EMS needs the recipient's signature.

    If you purchase 3 sets or more

    EMS delivery(2~3sets) + International Speed airmail (remainder+set)

    If you are absent, you must receive it directly at the post office.

    ▷Shipping Time

    Colored Contacts & Circle Lenses

  • Speed airmail (10~15 days) + customizing time (2~3 days) = approximately 2 ~ 3 weeks.
  • EMS (3​​~5 days) + customizing time (2~3 days) = approximately 1 ~ 2 weeks
  • Prescription (Power) RX : -8.50 ~ -15.00 : customizing time (7~14 days)

    Please note that the delivery can be delayed due to COVID-19 now. I will try to deliver it as soon as possible.

    Please understand that the delivery charge can vary depending on the country and the region.

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