NEW BIO-2 pairs

Irish Hazel Brown Colored Contacts - 4 Lenses/Monthly

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Natural Lens Irish Hazel Brown

  • Cosmetic Contact Lenses, 30 days, 2 Box ( 4 Lenses).
  • Light red-brown color creates a natural look.
  • Light coloration creates a natural, deep-set eye.
  • Natural contacts that have the penetrating sensation to eyes.
  • Feels fresh when wearing because the thickness of the contacts is skinny.
  • Recommends for those with sensitive eyes.
2 PAIRS (4 lenses) + Free Lens Case
Brand New bio
Life Span 1 Month
Diameter 14.0mm
Graphic Diameter 11.9mm
Water Content 42%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Origin South Korea


Irish Hazel Brown Colored Contacts 6Irish Hazel Brown Colored Contacts 7

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