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1Day Dream space brown gray contacts -10 Lenses / MPC

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1DAY Dream space brown gray contacts(10 Lenses)1DAY Dream space brown gray contacts 10 Lenses

  • 1-day, 1DAY, 2Box (5lenses + 5lenses )
  • brown contacts,gray contacts,planet space contacts
  • Water Content 40%, MPC color contacts
10 Lenses + Free Lens Case
Brand BS
Life Span day 
Prescription 0.00 ~ -10.00
Diameter 14.1mm
Graphic Diameter 13.2mm
Water Content 40%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Origin South Korea
MPC Contacts 1DAY Dream space brown gray contacts


In case of customization, please understand that there may be a delay according to the production condition of the factory.

1. International Speed airmail :

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Regardless to the quantity and regions, $5~$8.5 are imposed per every order. This is the most reasonable method for getting the purchased product, the delivery may take more or less time according to the destination.

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If you purchase 3 sets or more

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If you are absent, you must receive it directly at the post office.

▷Shipping Time

Colored Contacts & Circle Lenses

  • Speed airmail (10~15 days) + customizing time (3~5 days) = approximately 2 ~ 3 weeks.
  • EMS (5~7 Business Day ) + customizing time (3~5 days) = approximately 1 ~ 2 weeks
  • Prescription (Power) RX : -8.50 ~ -15.00 : customizing time (7~14 days)

    Please notice that the delivery may be delayed due to the delivery company's circumstances. We will try to deliver it as soon as possible.

    Please understand that the delivery charge can vary depending on the country and the region.

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    What is the MPC color contacts?

    MPC stands for Methacryloylpropyltrimethylammonium Chloride, a newly developed contact lens material

    It is a contact lens that resembles the human eye with a structure similar to the human cell membrane.

    MPC(Methacryloyl phosphorylcholine) contact lens features high oxygen permeability, effectively preventing dry eyes. Additionally, lubricants are added to the lens surface, providing enhanced comfort during wear.

    Characteristics of MPC color contacts
  • Human-Compatible Material Known as a material with human compatibility due to its structure resembling human cells.
  • Keeps it moist even during extended wear.
  • Protection against protein and lipid contamination
  • BS CORP. Contacts

    sandwich process

    A safe sandwich method because the circle-line does not directly touch the eyes.

    The sandwich process only uses dyes (colorants) licensed from the US FDA when coloring between layers; therefore, there is no decolorization or discoloration of the lens and is patented for its comfort.


    The US FDA-approved dye is separated into nanoparticles to penetrate and adsorb between contact lens materials, which provides a comfortable fit. This maintains a comfortable fit because colored parts do not come in direct contact with the eye.

    Multi-curve aspheric design

    It does not stress the cornea because it is designed to fit the cornea and sclera curves, and always ensure a comfortable fit because of its combination of uniformed thickness.

  • Life Span : 1months, 3months, 6months, 6~12months
  • If the Life Span is 6~12months, Life Span Recommended is 6 months. However, depending on how the contact lens is managed and preserved, it can be used for a year (12months) at maximum.
  • Soft Contact Lens
    Brand BS CORP.( Ann365, Maxlook,Lenslang)

    ※ Please use contact lenses correctly to protect your eyes.

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