What kind of complications that may arise from contact lens usage?

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1. Conjunctivitis (Pink eye) If you experience severe itching after removing the lens, diminished vision even when wearing the lens, and if the lens does not center on the cornea, you may have 'conjunctivitis.' Symptoms may include redness, swelling of eyelids and conjunctiva, and the formation of mucus-like eye discharge. It is recommended that you stop wearing lenses for a week or so to relieve the symptoms.

If continued lens use is unavoidable, consider switching to disposable soft lenses(1day lenses), and seek medication if symptoms persist or worsen.

2. Dry Eye Syndrome Dry eyes occurring after lens wear can lead to corneal surface damage. In severe cases, it can progress to keratitis, requiring appropriate treatment. Consistent use of artificial tears is recommended, and if there is no improvement with artificial tears alone, consult an ophthalmologist for proper medication or procedures.

3. Keratitis Wearing lenses can lead to a low-oxygen state in the cornea, making it more vulnerable to various irritants. Wounds may form on the surface of the cornea, and in severe cases, bacterial infections can lead to infectious keratitis. If there are symptoms such as redness, pain, or glare, discontinue lens wear immediately and seek appropriate treatment from an ophthalmologist.

Proper contact lens care practices can help prevent complications.

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