What is the difference between astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia?

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People say 'I have astigmatism' or 'I have hyperopia' or 'I have myopia', but what is the difference?

The case of astigmatism is when the corneal surface is irregular. People that have astigmatism are usually born with it. If a person has bad eyesight because they can not see things that are far away or near, they most likely have astigmatism.

In the case of myopia, the refraction of the eye is too strong for the length of the eye, so distant objects appear blurry. As it is hard to keep an exact focus, people with myopia can't see objects that are far away, but in the case of severe myopia, the person may not see be able to see objects that are near.

Hyperopia occurs when the eyeball is relatively small due to the lack of refractive power. It is often found in people that are over 40. There are a lot of cases where it appears as the person gets older, so there are a lot of people that have amblyopia, strabismus, and presbyopia. Symptoms, such as pain in the eye and headaches may appear.

If your eye gets fatigued quickly or you often get a headache, I recommend you to get orthodontic contact lenses or corrective glasses. Avoid working in dark places and please refrain from looking at your phone or at a book in a moving car.

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